Monday, 29 April 2013

Looking for Condos in Chiang Mai

Perfect Homes Chiang Mai
Dear Sir/Madame
Here at  Perfect Homes we currently have a wide range of clients looking for condos to purchase in Chiang Mai, some are investors and some simply looking for some where to live.
So, I was wondering if  you have a condo and  you would like possibly, a  quick sale, then perhaps you would like us to offer your condo to our clients. Remember we charge the standard rate of 3% if we successfully find  you a buyer.

Or alternatively perhaps you would like to be on our investors list an be notified as soon as a well priced property enters the market. If, so simply email us at Perfect Homes and ask to be added to the investor list.

Yours sincerely
Perfect Homes

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Songkran Holiday!

Dear All

SONGKRAN 12th - 16th April
HOLIDAY CLOSURE 12th - 20th April

This fantastic festival celebrating the Thai Luna New Year is almost upon us!

As everything comes to a  stand still here in Chiang Mai, it is therefore the time we chosen to take our first holiday in many years. Our office will be closed from Friday 12th April, opening again on Sunday 21st.  

Anyone emailing during this time, should receive an automated reply and we will respond as quickly as possible to your questions on our return.

For those of you already in Thailand, we wish you a Happy Songkran "Sawadee Pee Mai".

Yours sincerely


Infrastructure developments fuelling Thai property boom

Chiang Mai Property Boom
Investment in infrastructure is causing a boom in demand for Thai property, according to Knight Knox International. The country is now seen as an attractive place for investment, particularly in Pattaya and Bangkok, following the announcement of an ambitious US$72 billion (£47.5 approximately) programme to be rolled out over the coming four years.

At the heart of the infrastructure improvements will be a new rail network connecting Thailand's major northern provinces, including Chiang Mai and Bangkok. This will make travel around the country much easier for locals, businesses and travellers. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations' move to eliminate tariffs and open new Free Trade Areas is also making the country more attractive for investors on both small and large scales.
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