Saturday, 13 July 2013

Buying a Home in Chiang Mai

Modern Home in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is rapidly becoming one of the top places to live in Thailand, indeed, if not in Southeast Asia.  It is quickly overtaking other cities in the popularity stakes, with many expats and locals choosing to live in Thailand’s Northern capital.  Many positive factors combine to make Chiang Mai a great location, and there has never been a better time to think about buying a home in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is still experiencing a tremendous building boom, with many housing estates and complexes continually being completed.  Existing housing stock combined with new developments means that there is a tremendous choice of housing for those wishing to experience life in this laid back city.  There are many different types of properties available in a fantastic range of locations.  There are properties to suit all budgets and household sizes.  Traditional Thai houses, town houses, bungalows, shop houses, luxury properties and modern homes can all be found on the real estate market, along with apartments, condos and commercial buildings.

Stunning Condo in Chiang Mai
Homes come with different features and facilities; whether a person wants a home ready to move into, or a bare canvass in which to craft their ideal home, there is something for everyone.  Some homes will be tastefully decorated whereas others will need a little TLC and so provide the perfect project for someone wishing to completely redesign the interior of their dream home.  With labour relatively inexpensive in Thailand, having changes made to a home will be completely feasible.  For example, kitchens can be easily fitted if a great home does not have the required kitchen type, air conditioning is easily installed, bathrooms can be changed, and any other jobs can be done that would turn a great home into a fantastic home.  A major benefit of owning a property is that the owner can make any changes that they wish.  

The low cost of real estate coupled with the low cost of materials and labour makes this a great way to play a part in creating the perfect home in the perfect place.  Of course, there is, however, an abundance of fantastic properties that most people would want exactly how they are.
Chiang Mai is a popular city in which to live, due to the overall atmosphere, the beautiful surrounding scenery, the thriving expat community, the great range of facilities and amenities, the cultural charms, work opportunities and the array of leisure activities easily available.  Chiang Mai enjoys a warm, pleasant climate which is cooler than many other Thai cities.  It also benefits from an excellent infrastructure and transport links.

Although there are restrictions on foreign property ownership in Thailand, it is still possible for people to own their own home in this delightful city.  An experienced property adviser can assist foreigners with understanding all available options.  Whether as a permanent abode or a holiday retreat, there are many reasons for buying a home in Chiang Mai.  

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Starting a new life in Chiang Mai

Whether someone wants to escape the rat-race and daily grind of city life, soak up some glorious Thai sun, explore nature or experience a whole different culture, Chiang Mai can be the perfect place to begin a new life.  In the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai has much to offer to anyone deciding to settle there, whether as a permanent resident or a long term visitor.
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Friday, 5 July 2013

Sale of land and building with construction permits.

Land and buildings 15,000 square meters with a building permit on an area of ​​nearly 10 acres for a hospital. Roads Mai - Phrao route to Chiang Mai, just 8 kilometers away from the moat.
The main front of the land can be developed into a commercial building.

the land was appraised in 2011 at 149 million baht

This  is offered to those interested parties at below estimates, and the owners are willing to consider offers and short-term credit from the seller is also possible.

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