Friday, 30 December 2011

Investing in Condos in Chaing Mai

PP condo .. the building is Thai style but there is currently plenty of interest from some Singapore investors and and several other investors.  The rooms are well priced though the rooms vary in price. They start at about 230,000-300,000 Baht then you could refurbished and fit out the rooms for another hundred thousand baht or more or you can pick up refurbished rooms for 450,000 plus. These rooms can command about 4,500 Baht- 5,000 a month in rental fees. This is not a huge amount of money but it is over 10% return.
The market there is a little untested but does offer good returns.

Riverside Condominium is a popular choice at this time with foreigners. The building is currently being watched carefully as it has nearly used up its foreign quoter. This is currently at 41%. Prices in there vary but currently a very good price but it is very hard to find a condo for less than 1.1 unless it has no river views... Rooms in River side are normally easy to rent again because the building is popular.
There are currently several properties available at this price. We can't currently locate any cheaper than this.  

Supanich, There are several rooms in this building that are priced at under a million baht, already refurbished and these can claim rental returns of 7-8%. Some of these rooms can be purchased with clients in. (Some long term / some short term)

SR has several nicely refurbished studios and the price is about 649,000 Baht and these are nice brand new rooms. This building is on the move and if it keeps going it will make these a great investment.

Please feel free to contact Perfect Homes for any further information on investing in apartments in Chiang Mai or email and simply ask to join the investors emailing list.

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