Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Houses versus apartments in Chiang Mai

One of the first questions people always ask is “which is better a house or an apartment “ Well in Chiang Mai both have their pros and there cons. So, it really does go down to personal preference.

An apartment has the main advantage on the whole as being in the Chiang Mai town.  So this is definitely a plus for those that do not want to drive about in the hectic Chiang Mai traffic.  You can just walk out of your building and you are probably no more than a couple of minutes walk from shops, restaurants and probably a couple of bars.  People also often feel that an apartment building often gives added security compared to a house due to the fact that many have key card entry systems and/or 24 hour security.
What a condo generally lacks is the feeling of space that is unless you buy one of the huge pent house suites on the top floor of the top condominiums in Chiang Mai.  

The average condo is about 40 sq meters though much larger ones are available.  Another drawback of living in a condo is that you can actually struggle at times to move about the Chiang Mai town as many of the main condos are located close to traffic hot spots.

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