Monday, 2 March 2015

House for Sale: The Perfect Location

Location, Location, Location:  is still the most important buying/investment feature
Often a beautifully build home can be greatly increasing in value by being in the perfect location. Such is the case of this custom designed dream home. Consider these location features and benefits with other homes you may be looking to invest in.

Location: Immediate surrounding environment of house and property. This home is located on the water front of a large canal off the Mai Bing River. This provides exclusive access to an extra 250 Wah of water frontage property between the sales property (233 Wah) and the water. This also creates an open spacious view of the water and natural surrounding vegetation. The open space means plenty of grassy play area, further distance from neighbors across the water, and a quiet peaceful private backyard, which also has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Location: Surrounding Neighborhood. The other homes build across the water and directly next door are all high-quality modern homes of European and Thai design. Three of these homes also have a swimming pool. This adds prestigecharm and value to the property.

Location: General Area: The property is located in a quiet quaint country community of fruit and vegetable farming families. This creates a very friendly safe environment to live and raise a family.

Location: Quick easy access: Very convenient access to stores, shopping malls and the city. Even though the property is ideally located in a rural country community, there is a 11/7 convenience store just 300 meters from the house, the Promenade Resort Mall is just 7km or 10 to 12 minutes away. The Airport mall is 11 km away.  And the fastest easiest way to Downtown Nimmanhaemin Road is to go straight out the Sarapee-Hangdong Road to the Superhighway (5 km), make a left turn and drive along the Superhighway to the Maya Shopping Center and Nimmanhaemin (10km):  a total of 15 km and 20 – 25 minutes from the house. See location map attached.

If you look at a location of housing-develops in the Chiangmai area, you will quickly notice that in the area of this property/home there is no large scale housing-develops. As a result there is no morning and evening traffic-jams going to or coming from the home. This means while the distance may be a little further the time to and from the house is much shorter.

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