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Houses for Sale in Chiang Mai: Why the "New City" Is the Perfect Place to Have Your New Home

With a wealth of houses for sale in Chiang Mai, this really is considered by many to be the perfect relocation spot. Thailand's largest northern city provides a very live-able city, full of culture, charm, amenities and a broad community. With easy access to some of Thailand's most stunning mountain scenery, delightful national parks and a range of outdoor activities to chose from, it is easy to see why Chiang Mai is chosen by many as home.
The city's name, which translates as new city, comes from its time as the new capital city in the days of the Lanna Kingdom. It may be called the new city, but Chiang Mai is packed full of interesting history. Culturally, it is also home to over 300 beautiful temples. As well as the prevalent Buddhist influence, places of worship exist for the other major religious groups; Christian churches, Muslim mosques, Sikh gurdwaras, and a Hindu temple.
Being easily accessible by road and by public transport. Buses and trains link with other Thai cities, and transport to, from and around the town is easy and hassle-free.
The climate is slightly cooler than its southern contemporaries, making this town a comfortable place to live. It is generally warm all year round, although night-times in the cool season can see the temperature drop considerably.
English is widely spoken, and there is a large, active expat community. All the facilities that one would associate with a major city can be found; supermarkets, shopping malls, bar, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, and a range of sporting and leisure activities.
Thailand's northern city is the ideal place to enjoy the delightful Thai living within easy reach of home comforts, in a warm tropical climate.
There are houses for sale in Chiang Mai to suit everybody's tastes, with an exciting variety of locations, an excellent selection of property styles and sizes, and a range of budgets to suit every pocket. An added bonus of investing in Chiang Mai is that property is generally cheaper than in other major Thai cities, meaning buyers can get more for their money and strike a better deal.
There are many restrictions under Thai law on foreigners owning property in Thailand. That said, ownership and investment is possible, and agents can guide prospective buyers through the property buying process.
Co-ownership with a Thai citizen, purchase through company ownership and long term leasing options are all ways for people to make one of the houses for sale in Chiang Mai their own. The most appropriate option will depend on an individual's circumstances, generally whether they have a trusted Thai person to go into joint ownership with or whether they have a company based in Thailand.
The property market in the north of Thailand remains optimistic and it is a highly desirable place in which to live. There are myriad reasons why Chiang Mai is a sought after and wonderful place to acquire property.
Anybody dreaming of calling this great place home, or already living in the area and wishing to move house, should look at the exceptional houses for sale in Chiang Mai to start life in the new perfect home.
Chiang Mai is a great place to live. It has everything you can wish for. Perfect Homes is a leading real estate company that specializes in providing a wide range of Chiang Mai properties and long term rentals in Chiang Mai.
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